It’s Time to WOW! Your Clients

Client Appreciation: Plan Your Holiday WOW! Now

WOW! Cookies! Holiday Assortments

You may not be thinking about it yet, but the holidays are right around the corner and they have a way of sneaking up on us. Now is probably a good time to start planning how to WOW! your clients, as well as staff.

Put WOW! Cookies! on top of your list as THE source for gifts that will WOW! your clients when they open the box; remembering your thoughtfulness as they enjoy every decadent bite!

You may recall a survey WOW! Cookies! did a few months ago to learn more about how companies determine what to give clients and staff when considering gifting opportunities.

The survey confirmed that corporate gifting is trending away from sending mass-produced, branded plastics or gadgets to clients. Fifty percent of companies who responded said they send clients cookies, brownies or other sweets.  The trend of sending decadent edibles is moving in the right direction because 75% of those receiving gifts report that they prefer getting cookies, brownies, or other sweets. A primary reason in the preference to receive decadent edibles is so they can share with staff and brighten everyone’s day, just a little.

To truly make your clients feel special, to really WOW! them, send them something from our list of wonderful assortments at WOW! Cookies!

Another opportunity to bring joy to the office and WOW! the staff is to order a 30-piece or 50-piece assortment from WOW! Cookies! to share at your office holiday party or place in the office kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

Heck, you may even want to order some of our decadent cookies and brownies for home entertaining with family and friends.

See WOW! Cookies! full line of assortments and options to fit all your needs: