Only One Person Gets That Cup: Rethink Client Gifts

Bradley Sanchez HousetonCEO, The Houseton Group

How Tempting: Sending Client Gifts Stamped with Your Logo

Of course it is tempting. Why not give your clients a really nice coffee cup with your logo? If the cup is attractive and comfortable to use (not all coffee cups are), then there it is — your corporate logo in your clients’ hands every day while they drink their “cup of ambition” (thanks Dolly Parton.)

What Really Happens to Those “Cool” Client Gifts Stamped with Your Logo?

The reality is that only one person, your client, or their assistant gets that cup. Or that pen. Or that padfolio. Or that thing that ends up on an ignored shelf in the company kitchen or supply closet along with all the other items stamped with some other company’s logo.  And surprisingly, many logo items that you send as client gifts don’t even stay at your client’s office. They get taken home for someone’s kids to use.

The kids actually think they are very cool. So there’s some value in that, right?

Why Not Maximize Your Impact by Giving Client Gifts They Want to Share?

Discover that gift your clients look forward to getting from you every year.  That one thing that arrives in the office, compelling everyone to stop what they are doing and gather around the stack of beautifully packaged cartons filled with the most decadent cookie and brownie assortments to ever grace their taste buds with welcoming linger.

A survey conducted earlier this year found that 70% of respondents prefer getting cookies, brownies, or other sweets as workplace gifts because it is something they can share with staff in their office. Instead of one person getting that traditional logo cup, that may or not get used, sending a box of decadent edibles is a way to make everyone’s day!

This is the kind of impact you want to have. This is how you say “thanks” to your clients for their business. This is how you want to be remembered during the holiday season.

WOW! Cookies! is your solution for client gifts this, and every
holiday season (and probably a good idea for your mother-in-law, too!)


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