Don’t Let The Courtship End With Your Clients

Bradley Sanchez Houseton
CEO, The Houseton Group

Wooing Your Clients

A great amount of time, attention, and creativity are dedicated to landing new clients and, for most companies, that is where the wooing ends and a routine business relationship begins. Which is perfectly fine if the routine business relationship meets the expectations of your clients, like providing top-notch products and services, fair pricing and fees, regular communication, and good, responsive customer service.

But What Happened to the Woo?

While you are doing a great job of doing the job for which you were hired, feel free to go even further. Go above and beyond. Do a little something extra to let your clients know you appreciate them and value their business.

How about exceeding your client’s expectations by continuing the courtship?  Woo your clients with a handwritten note. Meet for regularly scheduled lunches if you live in the same city. Send a box of cookies to your client’s office for their staff to share.

Now, with the holidays approaching, it is a good time to think about how to make your clients feel special with a tangible expression of your gratitude for their loyalty.

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