Did You Know?


  • From our first business day, March 6, 2006, we have produced our delicious cookies and brownies with only the freshest, natural ingredients.  We are very happy to brag on the fact that our sweet treats have all the same wonderful ingredients you would find in your own cupboards. AND, no trans-fats! While we don’t claim organic, we do claim ingredients with no mystery….and Oh!  BTW…handmade!

Holiday Baking 2

  • And just in case you wondered if we bake our own cookies….the answer is YES!  This shot is from our holiday season where we baked about 10,000 cookies and almost 5,000 brownies. WHEW!  We were bakin’!!!
  • Did you know that we try to be as environmentally aware as possible. WOW! Cookies! uses a lot of packaging. From our wrappers to the pretty bows, we look for recycled materials.  The FDA does not allow us to use recycled materials on packaging that touches the cookies and brownies, but we are about 90% recycled materials for all the rest! Boxes, fancy papers, ribbons, even the newsprint used to cushion our packages for shipping!  Awesome!
  • We ship all our packages via the fastest, most reliable, and least expensive options available.  FedEx provides us with overnight delivery in 5 states surrounding Ohio….at GROUND prices.  That’s a deal! Maximum delivery time is 4 – 5 business days for the far west coast.  Of course, if you’re in a hurry…we happily ship at whatever service you may require!
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