I CAN’T REMEMBER NAMES!  Really!  This has been a huge problem for many, many years.

There!  Now you all know it!  Nothing personal.  I’ll always remember your face.  And, many times, I’ll remember where we met or the last time I saw you.  But your name?  WOW!
What a terrible flaw!  And, although the experts will rely on excuses like age, stress, trauma, shrinking of the brain mass, mystery exclusion ‘stuff’, forgetting a person’s name is very embarrassing.

My friend Carlos Valenzuela, Master Hair Stylist, and Encourager personified has developed a system that truly helps!  The attached article is written with hairdressers in mind, but the 4 points Carlos offers are universal.
I really TRY to cement names in my brain.  Sometimes I loose, many times I am saved by these memory techniques.  Perhaps you’ll find them helpful too!



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Carlos Valenzuela: is a consultant, speaker, stylist, bilingual trainer, and author of
i-Fabulous Salon Success, a success guide for new salon professionals.

My thanks to MODERN SALON for allowing me to duplicate this article.