Who Put the WOW! in WOW!Cookies?

penny-parker-founder-wow-cookiesIn 2004, Penny Parker left her position as the sales and education director of a major Fortune 500 company. Instead of sitting back, she decided that retirement just wasn’t her style. After some soul-searching, she decided to turn her love of cookies into a business.

Penny began by scouring the city’s great bakeries in search of the ultimate cookie. What she found was a dismal array of bland cookies and a vanishing population of bakeries making homemade items. Now, even more determined to provide the Cleveland area with an incredible homemade cookie, Penny founded WOW!Cookies!. Her challenge was to create a unique product that used high-quality ingredients and could be delivered fresh, with a home-baked presentation.

The answer? A line of cookies made with farm-fresh eggs, creamery quality butter and milk products, imported French and Belgian chocolate, naturally dried fruits, perfectly roasted nuts and the highest quality bakery flour and oats. Penny has stated that her business “is intended to satisfy the cravings of Cleveland’s most discriminating cookie connoisseurs.”

An article recently published in Crain’s Cleveland Business states, “Penny Parker, founder of WOW!Cookies! prides herself not only on the array of products she offers, but also on the use of all natural ingredients”.

WOW!Cookies! are true delicacies and arrive at their destination in freezer-grade cellophane wrappers, tied up in an artful presentation. The wholesome ingredients, thoughtful packaging and personalized gift cards make these cookies a truly unique gift for friends, family or businesses.