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We are suspending operations of WOW! Cookies! permanently due to the new economies of the COVID pandemic.

Our only goal since our beginning in 2006, was to offer the best possible cookie experience, while providing stellar customer service.  Knowing that we are accomplished in those efforts, makes it less painful to leave our dear friends and clients.

Over our 14 years, we have made terrific friends and spectacular business relationships.  These being our best accomplishments.  From the simple to the sublime, our cookie gifts have brought many smiles, messages of appreciation as well as congratulations for everything from births to promotions.  We’ve celebrated holidays and wished well.  And yes, we’ve even been there to say good-bye.  There’s nothing like a great cookie to celebrate our milestones in life and business.

Man! This is hard! On behalf of WOW! Cookies! we just want to say THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!






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Thanks for visiting WOW! Cookies!  It’s been a pleasure baking for you!

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